TIBCO® Data Virtualization

How we use TIBCO® Data Virtualization?

We have over 6 years of experience with TIBCO® Data Virtualization and certified expert for this solution. We recommend TDV as a data layer for data vizualization solution such as TIBCO Spotfire®.


Our expertise is implementation and maintenance of the platform, using basic and extended features of the TDV solution and bringing this data to end users of data analitics platform. We offer on site or on line trainings for TDV. We encourage customers to use more exotic connectors like SAP, all sorts of Google and social networks connectors, web services and others besides more common data sources such as relational databases. We help customers to optimize  federated queries (queries across different data sources).


What is TIBCO® Data Virtualization?

TIBCO® Data Virtualization (TDV) addresses the growing and sophisticated data needs of companies with maturing analytic ecosystems. Enable data consistency, reuse and serve a diverse community of analytic users.

What’s inside Data Virtualization?

Orchestrated Data Layer

Provides analytics access to corporate assets without the complexity of creating balkanized data warehouses or hard-to-manage extracts.

Studio Design Tool

A graphical modeling environment provides a flexible workspace where developers model data, design data services, build transformations, optimize queries, manage resources and more.


A wide range of adapters connects to databases, files, big data, cloud sources, packaged applications, and more. Beyond schema-to-schema only, adapters integrate with data source optimizers to ensure more accurate queries and higher performance.


Advanced Query Engines

TDV query engine securely connects, queries, federates, abstracts, and delivers data to consuming business solutions on demand. Multiple caching options provide additional speed and flexibility.

TIBCO® Data Virtualization Architecture


Why and when companies use TIBCO® Data Virtualization?

1. Groups of organizations

The companies that grow with mergers and acquisitions are faced with the challenge to access and unify data from different environments. They have to decide whether to replace existing applications, business warehouses or to use data virtualization tools like TDV. The later is much faster, cost-efficient and less painful option, especially where the underlying data sources are already well developed, deployed and massively used.

2. New data sources

Times, when the only relevant data source for analytics was ERP, are gone. Even small organizations require access to very different data sources to monitor and optimize their performance. These data sources can come from different relational databases, OLAP cubes, flat or excel files, Hadoop and similar big data sources, XML docs, web services, google analytics and other sources required by analysts and decision makers on a daily basis.
TDV can access, join, modify and supply this data to end users in a quick and cost-efficient way.

Print screen Examples

Example 1

Views can be easily created from different tables irregardles the datasource they come from. Users can use Model, Grid or SQL approach based on their preferences regarding modeling or scripting.

Example 2

Using Lineage features users can easily track, review and modify the content created in TDV.

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In the most transformational time of human history where winning or losing will start happening faster than ever before, doing business with the right people is becoming a crucial factor. Values, IT and business knowledge of people in Ansera provided us with an integrative business solution that will help our vision become a reality.
Petra Radović
Chief Financial, Marketing and HR officer / Teh-Cut d.o.o.
We needed best business practices on decision making and reporting, meaning visualizations and the value that can be derived from the information contained in them. We wanted to establish a partnership with a provider, not only on an IT level, but also on a business consulting level. We found all this help through the people at ANSERA and TIBCO.
Črtomir Ješelnik
Use of the system Spotfire and cooperation with the company Ansera was an important business moment for us because the company KERN upgraded the controlling and reporting capabilities, in particular, we shortened time to collect data and prepare analyses. It is important to emphasize that the system is used in all main processes of the company KERN and that the employees effectively adopted and implemented its full functionalities in our processes.
Janez Poje
Director / Kern

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