What is SWAAT?

SWAAT is a solution for Workforce Automation by Techseria. The execution cycle of SWAAT is “Track, Optimize & Automate”. SWAAT is a road to Digitalization towards managing tasks. SWAAT is an effective Task Management System to manage work among admin, supervisors, and crew.
Crew app:

Supervisor app:


User Management

  • Admin, Supervisor, and Crew are types of users on SWAAT application where Admin is the main person of an organization who can manage all supervisors and crew members.
  • Admin has high authority to manage business travel, jobsites, users, activities and many more.

Create a jobsite

  • Create a jobsite and assign jobsite to crew members.
  • Set a location for a jobsite.
  • A graphical representation of the jobsite progress.
  • Manage the jobsite expiration with the start date and the end date.
  • Assign a task template to a jobsite

Business Travel

  • Manage smart rules for business travel to define travel cost and allowance with SWAAT task management tool.
  • Manage local travel rules for the business purpose to define a very different set of cost and allowance between a jobsite and a crew’s living place

Job Shifts

  • Create the job shifts with start time and end time.
  • Create different Shifts based on jobsites.
  • Easily assign a shift to the selected users/employees.
  • Multiple shifts for multiple users possible for a time period.

Assign Jobsite by Supervisor

  • A supervisor can assign new jobsite to crew member anytime with the place and job details.
  • Track jobsite progress easily with supervisor login on the mobile app.
  • Admin can get all details on the back-office dashboard on the web.

Jobsite Tasks Analytics

  • Track status of jobsite easily, a graphical representation in the dashboard for the administrator.
  • Admin can also track Super Task Summary on the chart.
  • Graphic chart view includes open, in progress, completed and total tasks.
  • Activity log in the back-office dashboard allows admin to track the user activities.

Team management

  • A Team is created in each Job Sites.
  • Supervisors and crew are been assigned to an individual team. Supervisors and crew team members are connected with each other via the team.

Tasks Management

  • Task Status: List of all tasks progress for supervisors and crew people with task status, date and task types.
  • Super Task status is also one part of task management which is especially for priority tasks.
  • Create a Priority task and Master Tasks list which has a list of all types of tasks with all supervisors and crew members.
  • Import bulk tasks directly from “Import Task” option available on web admin panel.

Assign Training and Library

  • Training functionality is available for both Supervisors and Crew members to improve workforce efficiency.
  • Admin can create a library with training videos and assigns to the related user for the purpose of work guideline.

Help content & Users comment/feedback

  • It is a common yet must require part in any system to improve new features and get the system and process feedback from users.
  • Our system provides guideline documents and also gets user’s comments and feedback.

Quality Inspection

  • Improve work quality is always required; therefore SWAAT has added Quality Inspection to maintain and track the crew’s job work quality.
  • A supervisor can use Quality Inspection on the mobile application to check the quality of crew-tasks.
  • A supervisor will provide ratings for quality inspection.

Report Generate

Export report for

  • Tasks Reports: This report is divided into 3 sections
    • Organization task details: It shows a total number of hours spent by a crew in the current organization.
    • Jobsite task details: It shows a total number of hours spent on particular jobsite
    • User task details: It shows how much time a user has spent in which jobsites.
  • Super-Tasks Reports: Show list of supertask status.
  • Quality Inspection Reports: Gives details based on QI, done by Supervisor.
  • Training Reports: Training details show the progress of training done by crews.
  • Attendance Reports: Shows total hours spent by a crew in a particular date by showing shift start/end time and total lunch and break time.
  • Lunch Break Report: Gives detail reports on how many breaks taken by a crew in a particular date.
  • Performance Reports: Shows performance of crew by showing how many tasks are open and how many tasks are in progress.
  • Productivity Reports
  • Daily Login Report: Shows login and logout time of individual crew.
  • Travel Summary report: Shows Business and local travel is done by users during his working hours

Admin Interface

End User Interface

SWAAT solution is available on:

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